Thursday Leftovers: DIY Magnets


Last year I made a ton of these to have on hand for small gifts for people.

Feeling crafty today or need an idea for a small gift for someone?  A teacher perhaps?  I’ll show you how to make some very cute magnets in under 30 minutes with a very small budget ($10-$12).

  • round magnets
  • large clear stones
  • clear adhesive
  • scrapbook paper, magazines, photos, wrapping paper
  • windex
  • small jewelry bags*   *optional
homemade magnet supplies
Game Plan:

1.  Find scrapbooking paper, pictures in magazines, or print off small photos you want to make into magazines.

2.  Clean clear stones by spraying windex on a paper towel and rubbing the stones with it.

Homemade Magnets

Squeeze a nickel size drop of clear craft glue onto the paper

3.  Put a dime-size dot on the part of the paper you want to be a magnet and then press the flat side of the stone onto the glue, squishing the glue to the edges.

Make your own magnets

Push the stone, flat side down, onto the glue, pushing the glue to the edges

4.  Let dry for approximately 20 minutes.  Make sure glue is firm before moving to next step.

5.  Cut off excess paper around the stone.

I angle my scissors when I cut so there isn’t extra paper sticking out past the stone.

Make your own magnets

Cut around the stones after the glue has dried completely

6.  Glue  a magnet to the back of the paper/stone.

-You can use the same glue or a hot glue gun for a quicker drying time.

-Make sure you are gluing the right side of the magnet by testing it out on a metal surface first.

homemade magnets

Glue magnets onto the back of the stones

7. Let glue dry and then stick on the refrigerator or package up for a gift in a small jewelry bag!

-These are great for any occasion and are especially great for small thank yous.

homemade magnets

These look much better in person- the lighting was awful when taking this photo

Cost:  I purchased all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby

Magnets (50)    $6.99 (used 40% off coupon)  $4.20

Clear Gel Tacky Glue    $2.27

Stones    $2.99

Jewelry Bags    $2.47

Scrapbooking paper was leftover so it was free

total= $11.93  for around 50 magnets with packaging plus leftover supplies!

Check out the bridal shower magnets I made.

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