Sock Bunny Tutorial


I periodically check up on a blog called Lil Blue Boo and ran across a sock bunny tutorial made out of knee high socks.  With Easter almost here, I was in the mood to make something festive, plus I knew exactly the pair of knee high socks to use.  My sock drawer is crammed full and needs some clearing out.  I love this pair of knee high socks but they pretty much never get worn because they don’t match anything I have, which made them the perfect candidate for this project.  I found a couple of other pairs of socks to transform into bunnies, but with a fussy newborn in the house I was only able to finish this one.  Perhaps next Easter they can each have their own bunny…

how to make a bunny out of knee high socks

  • pair of knee high socks
  • scissors
  • thread & needle/ sewing machine
  • 2 buttons
  • stuffing
Game Plan:

how to make a bunny out of knee high socks

1.  On one sock, cut down the middle of the foot to the heel, but leave enough space about an inch or so out to make a face.  Make another cut up the middle at the other end of the sock, leaving enough room for a body.

2.  Cut the foot off the second sock and then cut up the middle to make two arms.  Discard the rest of that sock.

how to make a bunny out of a knee high sock

3. Turn the sock inside out and sew the ears together.

sock bunny tutorial

4.  Sew the bottom of the legs together and the sides, but leave a 2 inch gap to put stuffing through.

5.  With right sides together, sew the sides of the arms, but leave the bottom open.

6.  Turn the socks right side out.

7.  Fill the bunny and arms with stuffing.

8.  Hand stitch the gap in the legs closed.

9.  Attach the arms to the body by carefully tucking in the stuffing before sewing.

It is ideal to sew the arms to the body, but mine kept looking funky and I was tired at that point, so I just hot glued the arms to the body!  It seemed to work pretty well…hopefully they won’t fall off later!

10.  Hand stitch a face onto the heel of the sock.

how to make a bunny out of knee high socks

sock bunny tutorial

how to make a bunny out of knee high socks

sock bunny tutorial

sock bunny tutorial

Have any neglected knee high socks?  Take the time to clean out your sock drawer today and perhaps you’ll stumble across a pair or two, if not, at least you’ll have a clean and organized sock drawer!

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