Sewing Pattern Flower Tutorial


Planning a bridal shower, wedding, or party of some sort?  Want to decorate with flowers but don’t want to waste your money on stems that will only last a few days?  Making your own flowers out of old sewing patterns is the perfect solution!

These sewing pattern flowers will give you the look of hydrangeas or similar full flowers and if you have some sewing patterns on hand and the other couple of supplies, you can have them for free!

  • scissors
  • sewing patterns
  • floral wire
Game Plan:

1. Cut 6 7-inch squares from a sewing pattern and stack together.

vintage flower diy sewing patterns

Cut sewing pattern into squares

2.  Fold the squares accordion style.

sewing pattern flower tutorial

3.  Round both ends of the now folded rectangle using scissors.

sewing pattern flower tutorial

Use scissors to make rounded edges for your sewing pattern flower

4.  Twist a piece of floral wire around the center of the rectangle.

sewing pattern flower tutorial

Twist floral wire around the center of the rectangle

5.  Fan out the paper and then pull the layers out to create a flower shape.

6.  If the flower is separated between the two sides, simply staple or hot glue the two sides together.

sewing pattern flower tutorial

These flowers would look great in an arrangement or decorating a package.

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Check back tomorrow to see how I made a beautiful arrangement for a vintage bridal shower using these sewing pattern flowers.

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