My Favorite April Posts

1.  Pom Pom Flower Headband Tutorial

I love how these flower headbands look on my little girl Emden, and they are super easy to make!

brady lou project guru

2.  Craigslist Dresser Makeover

I am loving this dresser in Emden’s room!  I have much more room to store her clothes and I love having a surface to temporarily lay stuff on.  I can’t believe we got this dresser for $40!  I’m so glad we didn’t spend $200 on buying a new one that is made out of particle board!

diy paint a dresser white

3.  Sock Bunny Tutorial

This bunny is quirky and I love it!  My kids love him too and I’m just happy to have found another use for a pair of neglected knee high socks!

how to make a bunny out of knee high socks

4. Bedroom Closet Reorganization

I looove walking into my closet every day.  It is so organized it makes me all bubbly inside…now all I have to do is get rid of some more clothes and finish painting the rest of the closet and some day I would like to get new carpet in there, but unfortunately that will have to wait until the budget allows for an expensive project like that.

how to organize your closet and shoes

5.  Vintage & Rustic Wreath

I had so much fun making this wreath, experimenting with making all different kinds of flowers.  It looked great as a centerpiece for Izzy’s bridal shower.

rustic and vintage wedding wreath

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