How to Make Fondant Flowers


Have a little fun experimenting with some fondant and make some gorgeous flowers.  I found these to be pretty simple to make and thought they turned out gorgeous!

fondant flower tutorial
  • white fondant
  • flower shaped cookie cutters
  • toothpicks
  • rolling pin
  • knife
  • cream cheese icing out of a can
  • pearl sprinkles
Game Plan:

1.  Roll fondant out flat.

2.  Cut three flowers the same size out of the fondant using a cookie cutter.

3.  Make two small slits in the flower using a knife.

fondant flower tutorial

4.  Stick the toothpick through the center of the flower and then scrunch the flower up and wrap it around itself.

The slits allow you to wrap the flower around itself.  You can wet the fondant lightly to get the petals to stick together.  I had to take mine of the toothpick to get it how I wanted it and then I stuck it back on.

how to make a flower out of fondant

5.  Slide the next flower onto the toothpick, making it be underneath the previous one.  Scrunch it up and stick it to the top layer of petals in a couple of spots.

You may or may not want slits in this flower– just play around with it.

fondant flower tutorial

6.  Follow step number 5 with your last flower.

7.  Using cream cheese icing out of a can, pipe a small dot in the center of the flower and then stick a pearl sprinkle onto it.

fondant flower tutorial

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Check back on Friday to see the finished cake I made my fondant flowers for!

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