DIY Monogrammed Tea Towels


For my friend Izzy’s vintage bridal shower, we thought we’d get creative with game prizes.  I had been wanting to try sprucing up some plain old tea towels and this is what I came up with.

I decided since she was having a vintage wedding I would add some lace to the tea towels to give it a bit of vintage flair.  These make great wedding gifts and would also make great Mother’s Day gifts with Nana or Grammy written on them.

vintage style tea towels bridal shower gift

  • plain tea towels
  • fabric markers/fabric paint
  • lace
  • sewing machine
Game Plan:

1.  Wash and iron tea towels prior to working on them.

2.  Using your sewing machine, stitch a couple of decorative stitches onto your tea towel.

I chose to do a couple of jagged lines in a deep red thread.

vintage wedding tea towel tutorial

Stitch lines across the bottom of the tea towel

3.  Add lace to your tea towel by stitching it on with a sewing machine.

I added black lace just above the red stitching to two tea towels and a white lace to the edge of one tea towel for something a little different.

vintage style tea towels for bridal shower gift

Stitch lace onto the tea towel at the bottom or above your stitching

vintage style tea towels for bridal shower gift

4.  Add your monogram or word/name of your choice using fabric markers or fabric paint.

I chose to do an F for her soon-to-be last name and then “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

5.  Dry your tea towels to set the ink of the marker (follow directions on the box).

vintage style tea towels bridal shower gift

vintage style tea towels bridal shower gift

diy monogrammed tea towels

If you are going to be throwing a bridal shower, I suggest checking out the post on how to throw a bridal shower and get some ideas from that bridal shower too!

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What other ideas do you have for creative bridal shower gifts?

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