Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial


I absolutely LOVE how this flower turned out!  It looks so pretty and was the perfect focal point of a shower gift for my friend Izzy’s vintage bridal shower.  I can’t wait to make some more of these for a different project.

coffee filter flower tutorial
  • coffee filters
  • hot glue
  • tea
Game Plan:

1.  Make a cup of tea and then dip your coffee filters into the cup.

The more aged you want it to look, the less water you should put in the cup to dilute the tea.

vintage looking flowers made from coffee filters

Dip coffee filters into tea for an aged look

2.  Lay your coffee filters out to dry.

3.  Squeeze the tea bag over the coffee filters, letting out drops of tea onto the coffee filters.

I loved the effect this gave the flower with different variations of browns.

vintage looking flowers made from coffee filters

Let coffee filters dry

4.  Once coffee filters are dry, scrunch a coffee filter together using your fingers and then twist it to hold it in place.

vintage looking flowers made from coffee filters

Scrunch the coffee filter together between your fingers and then twist it

5.  Combine several coffee filters together to get the size of flower you want and then twist them all together.

6.  Using a hot glue gun, dab hot glue on the twisted ends to hold the flower together.

vintage looking flowers made from coffee filters

Twist scrunched coffee filters together and use hot glue to hold in place

7.  Attach it to a gift or whatever else you have in mind!

coffee filter flower tutorial

This flower I made to decorate a friend's wedding shower gift

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