Bedroom Closet Reorganization


With my remaining Christmas money, I wanted to take advantage of the space in our bedroom closet.  We had a large shoe organizer and beat up dresser from Jeff’s bachelor days we were still using.  I felt like both did not allow us to take full advantage of the wall space in the closet.

I talked Jeff into helping me install some shelving in our closet in place of those pieces.  I’m so happy with the outcome and found myself just standing in out closet the first week, admiring the organization.

  • laminate shelving with tracks
  • bins/baskets
  • screws/screwdriver
Game Plan:

1.  I painted the walls the shelves were going on first because eventually I want it all painted and don’t want to have to trim around everything later.

2.  Measure and screw in shelving tracks.

3.  Cut laminate boards to size.

4.  Put up shelves.

5.  Organize clothes in stacks or bins.

how to organize a closet with shelving


how to organize a closet with shelving


how to organize your shoes

Closet AFTER

how to organize your closet and shoes


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What closet in your house needs some reorganizing?

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