Tuesday Tip: Take Pictures as Anger Therapy


If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve had those moments when you want to pull your hair out because of a mess your child made.  We have been having a lot of those moments lately.

Our little Owen has been nicknamed Mr. Destructo because of how much he enjoys destroying things.  If it’s been quiet for awhile, we start looking for Owen and when we find him, we usually find him in the middle of a mess he’s created, such as below.  He has been known to shred entire boxes of tissues, get into cabinets and dump entire boxes of pasta all over the floor, and get into the candy and leave sticky drool all over the computer keyboard.

My tip for today is instead of letting your anger get the best of you, take a picture of the culprit in action.  The simple act of taking a picture really helps you take a step back for a moment, giving you a chance to lower your anger.  It will also give you something to laugh about later with your kids when they’re all grown up.

stay calm with kids by taking pictures

If left alone too long, Owen will find a box of tissues to destroy!

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