Tuesday Tip: How to Apply Conditioner

hair conditioner tip how to apply

I found this tip the other day on the back of a sample packet of conditioner.  I have been applying conditioner to my hair the wrong way all these years.

To get the most out of your conditioner, you’re supposed to start applying it half way down your hair to your tips first and then apply the remaining conditioner at your roots.  Makes sense now that I know the proper technique.  Just thought I’d share in case you have also been applying it ineffectively.

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  • Caroline

    Just a side note–another important thing to remember…a stylist once told me…Wring out your hair the best you can to remove all excess water before applying your conditioner. It really makes a little conditioner go a long way if your hair is holding less water. 🙂 Helps for me with my very thick hair!

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