Thursday Leftovers: Make Scheduling Meals for Someone a Cinch

I can’t believe a year has gone by since I posted about the wonderful site Take Them A Meal.  I have used it so many times since then and so have my friends.  Planning meals for others is so much easier now I wonder what we did before!

Are you wanting to schedule meals for a friend having a baby or someone with an illness?  There is a super easy way to do so and it is free!

Take Them A Meal is a website that makes scheduling meals for someone in need a cinch.  I just recently used this site for my friend Noelle who had a baby girl.  Follow the directions below to use this great resource.

Game Plan:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Create a Schedule”

3. Enter information and then click “submit schedule details”

4.  Send a mass e-mail to those who you think might be interested in bringing a meal and include the password for the meal schedule.

I tried to use their system to e-mail everyone but it didn’t work so I just sent out my own.

Take them a meal sample schedule

A sample schedule that you can create on

What I love about this website, is that you’re done after this.  People pick a date on their own, can see when others are taking meals, and what everyone is bringing.   They can also click on the address and get a map to the person’s house.

What a great tool that makes meal scheduling so easy!

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