Thursday Leftovers: Garage Sale Box


I posted this exactly a year ago from today and I am still using it to this day!  As of right now, my garage sale box is overflowing and I need to take it up to the attic and replace it with an empty one!

garage sale storage

I keep my garage sale box in our basement storage. When the box fills up, I take it to the attic and replace it with an empty one.

Do you dread going through all your stuff to find things to put in a garage sale?  Make it easier, by designating a box as a garage sale box and keep it in your basement, garage, or a closet.  As you find things throughout the year you no longer want or that no longer fit, just toss it into your box.  Having a go-to-box, makes having a garage sale not seem so daunting.  Plus, it helps you get rid of things because you have somewhere for them to go right away.

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