Thursday Leftovers: Cook Perfect Bacon Every Time


A year ago from today, this is what I was blogging…

Ever find yourself a bit crazed when trying to make breakfast?  It seems like everything has to be done at once which requires a lot more hands than I have.  While I attempt to flip pancakes, cook eggs, and fry bacon, it seems like the bacon usually suffers and ends up getting burnt to a crisp…which has been known to set of the smoke alarm more than once.

I no longer have to worry about that anymore because I cook my bacon in the oven now.  No more burnt bacon comes with the added bonus of no messy stove top splattered with grease.  The bacon comes out perfectly and we not only use this tip when we make breakfast, but also when we make bacon cheeseburgers.

Game Plan:

1.  Cover cookie sheet with aluminum foil for easy cleanup

2.  Place the bacon slices on the foil

We like to pepper our bacon at this stage in the game

bacon on a cookie sheet

Arrange bacon onto the cookie sheet and season with pepper or brown sugar if you like

3.  Put the bacon in the oven and turn it to 400 degrees farenhiet

Do not preheat your oven

4.  Find something to do for the next 15-20 minutes while the bacon cooks

5.  The last several minutes make sure to keep a close eye on the bacon.  Exact cooking time depends on the oven, thickness of bacon, and desirable crispiness.

cooked to perfection bacon

Bacon comes out perfectly cooked

6.  Pull out the pan and use thongs to move the bacon onto paper towels to absorb the grease.

7.  Pour leftover grease into a heat-resistant container.

We use empty spaghetti sauce jars.

Use this tip when making a toasted bacon and cheese sandwich.

Happy Cooking!

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