Strawberry Polka Dot Bow Tutorial


This bow screams summer fun, and although it’s just March, I’m definitely ready for summer weather and eating strawberries!  I have to say this is my most favorite bow creation yet and I hope it will inspire you to get creative today with some ribbon!

how to make a simple hair bow

  • ribbon
  • floral wire
  • fabric sticker
  • bow clip
Game Plan:

1.  Follow my simple hair bow tutorial for making loops for the hair bow.  Make two of each layer so you’ll have enough to make a large round bow.

cute girl strawberry bow how to

Bottom layer of ribbon for the bow

how to make a simple hair bow

top layer of ribbon for hair bow

2.  For each different color of ribbon, criss-cross your two pieces to get them to form a circle.  Tie them together with floral wire.

how to make a girls simple hair bow

Attach your ribbon loops together in the shape of a circle

3.  Use floral wire to hold your ribbon layers together.

how to make a simple hair bow

4.  Place an adhesive thread sticker in the middle of the bow.

So I don’t actually know what the sticker things are called because I didn’t buy them in a store, but got them from an auction.  If anyone knows the name for them, please post it for me.

how to make a simple hair bow

5.  Hot glue a hair clip or barrette onto the back of the bow.

how to make a simple girl hair bow

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