Organize Crafting Supplies in Magnetic Spice Canisters


This is probably one of my most favorite organization pieces.  I just love how it looks and how easily I can find all of my little crafting supplies now!  I no longer have to hunt around for little items and now my husband knows where to go to find them too!

craft supplies magnetic spice tins
  • frame
  • sheet of metal
  • magnetic spice containers
  • paint
Game Plan:

1.  Remove the backing and paint picture frame if desired.

tutorial for making a spice container crafting supplies holder

BEFORE: An old frame lying around at my mom's house

tutorial for making a magnetic crafting supply holder

AFTER: A fresh coat of Cerelean Blue paint makes quite the difference!

2.  Cut sheet of metal to the size of the frame and attach using a hot glue gun.

Make sure to hold the tin in place firmly until the glue has hardened.

3.  Fill up metal spice canisters with crafting supplies.

The cheapest magnetic spice canisters I could find were at  I am very pleased with the quality of them.

tutorial for organizing craft supplies in spice canisters

craft supplies spice tins

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