My Favorite March Posts

1.  Picture Frame Bow & Headband Holder

What’s not to love about this project?  I love when you can take something that is old and collecting dust and turn it into something beautiful and useful.  Just looking at all of Emden’s hair bows being organized makes me happy 🙂

diy girl ribbon and bow holder

2.  Kitchen Renovation: Painting Cabinets White

What a huge difference painting our cabinets white has made.  I love no longer having to look at honey oak cabinets.  I can’t wait to get the rest of the kitchen done!

painting kitchen cabinets white

3. Organize Craft Supplies in Magnetic Spice Canisters

How can I resist posting something that is this organized.  How else can you organize that many little things and make it look that good?

craft supplies spice tins

4. Use a Binder Clip to Organize Cords

So this technically posted in February, but it was at the very end of February and I thought it deserved to be a favorite pick so I’m including it in my March list.  I’m just loving not having to pick those cords up off the floor anymore to vacuum.  Oh, the little things!

use a binder clip to organize cords

5. No More Gummy Detergent Lids

This one is an oldie but a goodie.  If you do laundry, I think you’ll find this tip useful.

Gummy detergent measuring cup

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