Easy to Make Tulle Bows


These tulle bows are about as you can get to make.  They would match perfectly with my no-sew fairy skirt or ballerina skirt.  What little girl wouldn’t want of these outfits and they’re all so simple to make!

easy to make tulle bow

  • tulle
  • ribbon
  • hair clip/headband

Game Plan:

1.  Cut tulle to size of bow you want and then cinch together in the middle.

how to make a hair bow out of tulle

Cinch together the tulle in the middle using your fingers

2.  Wrap ribbon around the center of the tulle and tie at the back of the bow.

easy to make tulle bow

3. Attach the ribbon to a headband or barrette simply by tying the ribbon ends around it and forming a knot.

If you just tie the bow to the headband or clip instead of using a hot glue gun, you’ll be able to switch the bows out as you wish.

easy to make tulle bow

easy to make tulle bow

easy to make tulle bow

easy to make tulle bow

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