Write a Love Letter

love letter and roses

For the first part of the month of February, I decided to focus a lot of my posts on projects to show your spouse how much you love him/her.  I hope that you have been following along and doing them with me, but in case you haven’t, here is what you’ve missed out on so far:

So today’s project is pretty simple and all you need is some paper and a pen or pencil for supplies.  Take 10-20 minutes today to write your spouse a love letter and if you can’t manage to set aside that much time, a love note will do.  It’s an easy task, but if you’re anything like me, it’s what you haven’t done for quite some time.

Writing love letters takes me back to high school.  Jeff and I started dating while I was a sophomore in high school and we would write daily to each other.  I was always so excited to get a new letter and I couldn’t wait to find out what was written on those blue lines.  So much fun, why did we ever stop?  I suppose laundry, kids, and exhaustion might have something to do with it, and the fact that we see each other all the time might too.

Regardless, I find it much easier to express myself in writing than in person.  I definitely don’t spend a lot of time every day building my husband up or reminding him of some of our best memories, and my guess is you don’t either.  So grab some paper and remind him of some funny stories the two of you share or how you are thinking about him today.  I’m sure he’ll get butterflies just from opening it up.

Oh yeah, call it cheesy if you want (because it is), but I like to spritz some perfume on my letter and seal it with a lipstick kiss.  Feel free to do the same (that is, if you’re a gal, otherwise I’d just stick to cologne).

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