Wives: Be Visually Generous

the peasant princess sermon series

My husband and I recently listened to Mars Hill Church’s The Peasant Princess podcasts which are based out of the book Song of Solomon, one of which highlighted the need for wives to be visually generous for their husbands.  There was a lot of good stuff in that sermon, but the part about being visually generous really stuck out to me.

Pastor Mark Driscoll shares that men take snapshots of beautiful things or women throughout their life.  It’s a part of their wiring and even though they cannot always control the snapshots taken, they are responsible and accountable for what they do with those snapshots.  Anyway, there’s a lot more concerning that and I highly suggest listening to The Peasant Princess Sermon Series to get the whole message.

So I must say I was shocked with this idea of men taking snapshots of women and then basically keeping them in a file.  Sooooo not something I can really relate to but Jeff confirmed that it pretty much was the way it worked.  Because of this, Pastor Mark Driscoll encourages wives to be visually generous for their husbands so that the husbands snapshots can be of his wife and not other women.  Huh, makes sense.

Anyway, I’ve been working on that and I thought this idea of being visually generous for our husbands tied in nicely with what I was going to be blogging about today.  My love project for you today is to take a sexy picture of yourself and give it to your husband.  I have to tell you, he will not forget it years from now and in his opinion, it will probably be one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten.

There are many ways you can go about this: take them with your phone and send them that way, send them in an e-mail, or if you have a printer you could print them off at home and leave them in his car or something.  Obviously, you may want to send a warning message that the next message is for his eyes only and you may want to think about if anyone monitors his e-mail.

I did this several years ago and printed them off on our home computer.  I then signed each one like a movie star would.  I have to admit I felt really weird and uncomfortable throughout the entire project but seeing my husband’s surprise face and having him mention those pictures to this day makes it all worth it.  Plus, after listening to The Peasant Princess Sermon Series, I now understand the need for me to provide my husband with pleasing pictures of myself.

So why not give him actual snapshots of yourself today.  Squeeze in a shower and try to get those legs shaved, substitute your spit up covered sweatpants for some lingerie or sexy dress, and try to manage to get some makeup on and at least your hair combed through.  BTW, don’t feel like you need to stop with just one picture, do a whole photo shoot if you’re up for it!

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