Tuesday Tip: Use a Binder Clip to Organize Cords


Have cords lying on the ground?  We do, or did.  Jeff usually charges the iPad and his iPhone every night so next to his nightstand he keeps the chargers plugged in.  This has always drove me a little bit crazy, especially when I vacuumed, but I had learned to live with it.

Lucky for me though, I saw this tip on Pinterest several weeks ago and immediately put it into action.  To organize cords and keep them up off the floor, string them through a binder clip and then clip it to your dresser.

I only had two tiny binder clips on hand and they couldn’t open up far enough to attach to the nightstand so I improvised and clipped it to the lamp cord.  I think it works alright but will probably pick up a bigger binder clip when I get around to it.  I love that the binder clip allows you to pull the crd out further when in use and push it back in when not being used.

how to organize electrical cords

BEFORE: cords lying on our bedroom floor

use a binder clip to organize electrical cords

AFTER: Cords are hidden mostly behind the nightstand

use a binder clip to organize cords

A binder clip keeps the cords off the floor but within reach

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