where to leave a shmily note

Jeff's a coffee drinker so this is the perfect SHMILY hiding spot

Confused by SHMILY?  Well, don’t be, it’s short for See How Much I Love You.  I’m not sure where Jeff and I first stumbled upon this word, but it has a lot of meaning in our household.

The “object” of SHMILY is to show someone how much you love them by leaving “SHMILY” notes in unexpected places.  The SHMILY notes are simple reminders to your loved ones that they’re special and that you’re thinking about them.

Jeff and I used to be really good about leaving SHMILY notes for one another.  We used to take turns doing it for one another, but now with two kids, our little game has sort of fizzled out…not the love…just the extra effort.  I suppose two energetic boys can do that.

Anyway, with this being the month of love, I think it is a good time for me to remind Jeff just how much I love him!  I hope you’ll join me on this project and from now until Valentine’s day, find somewhere to leave your significant other a SHMILY note every day.  Perhaps a briefcase, coat pocket, or lunchbox would be a good hiding spot.  Oh, and it doesn’t have to be written on paper either, mirrors and shower walls make great message boards too!

see how much i love you

I borrowed Rylan's crayons to write a SHMILY note in the shower

Get creative and post your hiding spots so we can all benefit from your creativity!

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