Ribbon Spool Holder


If you’re a craft person, then I’m sure you have a stash of unruly ribbon hidden somewhere.  Ribbon is one of this annoying things to store because they come unrolled easily and take up a considerable amount of room.

I had been storing mine in a box for quite some time, but I wanted to organize them so I could use them more easily.  I love what we came up with!  Now I can see all of my ribbon while at my desk and can just grab as needed.  Plus, now I have more room in my desk drawer for other crafting supplies!

how to organize rolls of ribbon

  • dowel rod
  • saw
  • paint
  • hooks
Game Plan:

1.  Cut dowel rod to desired length.

2.  Paint dowel rod to match decor.

3.  Screw in hooks to wall or bottom of cabinet.

Make sure there is enough room for the ribbon rolls to actually fit under the cabinet or against the wall.  If not, then you will want to add some spacer blocks.

how to organize ribbon

4.  Load ribbon spools onto dowel rod.

ribbon roll holder with dowel rod

dowel rod ribbon roll holder

If you don’t want to do a construction type project to hang up your ribbon, one simple way to get it organized is to string the ribbon spools onto an unsharpened pencil and put a pencil eraser onto each end.  Then you can just put the pencil into a drawer or box.

Check out my post on how to organize craft supplies in hanging jars.

how to organize small craft supplies

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