Monster Truck Birthday Party


When we asked Rylan what kind of birthday party he wanted, he shouted, “Monster Trucks!”  When he didn’t change his answer over the next several weeks, I started searching for ideas and this is what we came up with for his party.  We like to make the day special but not go overboard on costs.

Game Plan:

1.  Make some invitations that involve the monster truck theme and monster truck words. Here’s the one I did for Rylan’s birthday party.

I made the invitation in Photoshop Elements and then printed it off as a 4×6 photo.

monster truck party invitation

2.  Create a monster truck cake.

monster truck birthday party

This is a very easy cake to make

3.  Create an atmosphere with decorations.

I really don’t like to spend a whole lot of money on decorations.  For Rylan’s party I just got a checkered table cloth and then some balloons and paper products in the red, white, black, and yellow color scheme.  I used a monster truck as a balloon weight and that was pretty much it.

monster truck themed birthday party little boys

The decorations doubled as entertainment in some cases!

4.  Put together party favors.

Each kid who came got a bag with some candy and a monster truck.  Rylan really enjoyed helping me get them ready and I think he probably had more fun giving them to his friends when they arrived then he did opening his own presents!

monstrt truck birthday party for boys

monster truck birthday party favors

Rylan showing off what he got all his friends

5.  Provide an activity or game for the kids or guests.

I chose to create a monster truck path.

monster truck birthday party game

6.  Provide snacks you might find at a monster truck rally.

We decided to grill hotdogs and serve nachos, popcorn, and M&Ms.  The M&Ms I put into green, yellow, and red bowls and laid them out on the table to look like a stoplight.  My mom offered to bring puppy chow and although it didn’t really go with the monster truck them, who would turn an offer like that down?  Not me!

monster truck birthday party menu

monster truck birthday party menu

monster truck birthday party menu

Rylan enjoyed sorting out the M&Ms by color

What other ideas do you have for a monster truck birthday party?

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