Button Bow Tutorial


Here’s a slight upgrade to my simple bow tutorial I previously posted.  Make use of Grandma’s old jar of buttons!

how to make hair bows with buttons

  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • hot glue gun
  • floral wire
  • bow clip
Game Plan:

1.  Follow steps 1-3 of my simple bow tutorial.

2.  Make a couple of the bows if you want several layers and then lay them on top of each other and wrap floral wire around to secure them together.

pink and brown bow steps

A pink and brown bow layer of ribbon

brown and blue hair bow steps

3 layers of ribbon to make a brown and blue button bow

patriotic red white and blue bow

3.  Instead of wrapping ribbon around it all in step number 4, just glue a button(s) into the center.

red white and blue patriotic bow

rainbow little girls bow

4.  Hot glue a hair clip of your choice to the back of the bow.

how to make a button bow

Making your own hair bows is a simple way to save money dressing up your little girl.  These also make great gifts for any little girl!

how to make hair bows using old buttons

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