Burlap & Clothespin Framed Photo Collage


Awhile back, strong storms came through Shelbina, Missouri, and even ended up breaking a window in Rus-T’s store where Noelle and I sell some of our ABColumbia products.  One of our large framed prints got knicks in the frame and then the glass broke later during a transport.  I was just getting ready to throw it in the trash when I thought up this project.

ribbon photo collage

  • empty picture frame
  • burlap
  • ribbon, lace, string
  • clothespins
  • buttons
  • hot glue gun
  • pictures
  • paint
Game Plan:

1.  Paint frame if desired.

The frame I used was dinged up so it definitely needed painted.  I first filled in the holes and then painted it white so it could go on my white collage wall I’ll be sharing photos with you soon.

how to make a photo collage with burlap and ribbon

This is how my picture frame began

2.  Use hot glue to attach ribbon, lace, and/or string across your frame.

I chose a random pattern and just hot glued each end onto the back of the frame.

ribbon photo collage

ribbon picture collage

3.  Cut burlap or  a fabric of your choice to cover the back of the frame.

4.  Attach burlap/fabric to the back of the frame with a hot glue gun.

burlap in home decor

Attach burlap to back of the frame using a hot glue gun

5.  Spruce up your clothespins by adding touches of paint, gluing on buttons, or tying some raffia on them.

painted clothespins for hanging up pictures

button clothespins for photo collage

raffia tied clothespins for photo collage

6.  Attach pictures to the ribbon and strings with the clothespins.

ribbon photo collage

ribbon photo collage

What I love about this project is that changing and updating the pictures is easy peasy!

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