Tuesday Tip: How to Keep your Pans with Freezer Cooking


You can save yourself a lot of time and money with freezer cooking.  One of the downsides to freezer cooking is it uses up a lot of your pans if you’re making casseroles to freeze.

Nobody wants to go out and buy extra pans to do freezer cooking and you actually don’t need to.  Simply line your dish with aluminum foil before pouring in your casserole.  After you’ve made your casserole, put it in the freezer until it hardens.  Then pull out your casserole and wrap the rest of it in foil and label it.  Now you’ve freed up your pan!

When you want to bake the casserole for a meal, simply slide it into the pan you made it in.  You can try taking off what aluminum foil you can, but if it sticks, just bake the casserole in the foil and then you can just leave it after it’s done or pull it out after it is all baked.

how to  freezer cook

Line your pan with aluminum foil

how to freezer cook

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