New Kitchen Light


We’re hopefully on our way to some major kitchen renovation.  In the near future we hope to:

  • paint the cabinets white
  • get a granite countertop
  • install new hardware for cabinets
  • purchase a new stove
  • buy a new dishwasher
  • install a new tile backsplash

That’s quite the laundry list and we would be repainting the walls and making new curtains, but we have to knock out a small wall before we do that so that will all have to wait.  We’ve purchased new tile for the backsplash and have ordered a professional paint gun, but until we get to all that major work, we decided to start off easy with a new light to go over our sink.

Here’s what was uglifying our kitchen before…

kitchen renovation

To say it’s not our style is an understatement.  We’ve hated all our light fixtures since the moment we moved in more than five years ago.  We’ve slowly been replacing them one by one when we have a little extra money come in.  Since we are going to be redoing a lot of the kitchen, it was time to say adios to the outdated shiny brass light fixture.

In its place, Jeff installed this modern beauty (in only about 30 minutes)…

kitchen renovation

new kitchen light kitchen renovation

We got this Lenox light pendant at Menards on sale for just $24.99.  It has a satin nickel finish and is made up of mosaic shell glass in brown and white hues.   We love it (especially at night) and it’s going to look great next to white cabinets and our new tile.

Make sure to check back so you won’t miss the rest of our kitchen renovations!

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