My Favorite January Posts

1.  Rolled Fabric Flower Headband

So cute and perfect for little ones or the young at heart!  I love this accessory!

diy rolled fabric flower headband green

2.  Breakfast Burritos

The fact that my husband craves these is enough for me to put them on my top pick list, plus they save us money and help him start his day off right.  They’re super easy for him to eat on his 20-minute drive to work.

sausage and bacon breakfast burritos for the freezer

3. Decoupage Pencil Holder

I love makeovers that take little time, money, and effort–this is definitely one of those!

cheap way to make pencil holder

4. Spicy Cajun Potatoes

These spicy potatoes are a Bilbro concoction and one of our favorite side dishes!

spicy potato recipe

5. Balloon Fairy

birthday surprise balloon fairy

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