Meet the Balloon Fairy!


I saw this idea on a blog I follow, House of Smiths, and I couldn’t wait to try it for Rylan’s birthday.  We’ve all heard of the tooth fairy, but have you ever heard of the balloon fairy?

The balloon fairy visits you on the night before your birthday and leaves balloons all over your room so that when you wake up on your birthday, you’re surprised by a balloon covered floor!  Who wouldn’t love waking up to such a beautiful sight?

Rylan was so excited when he woke up to find his room filled with balloons.  He couldn’t believe he didn’t hear her in the night.  Not only was it a great surprise, but it kept him and Owen busy the rest of the day, moving balloons from one room to the next.

birthday surprise balloon fairy

Rylan pointing out the balloons the balloon fairy left him

birthday surprises for kids balloon fairy

birthday ballon fairy surprise

birthday surprise by balloon fairy

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