Freezer Cooking: Waffles


There’s nothing super fancy or groundbreaking about this post.  It’s simply one way I save myself time and our family money for breakfast.

Whenever I make waffles for breakfast, I always make a double or triple batch so I only have to get out the ingredients once, tools once, and clean up once.  This saves me time in the long run.  We freeze all the leftovers for quick and easy breakfasts the rest of the month.  Just pop the frozen waffles into the toaster and warm up some syrup and breakfast is served!   These are much cheaper than Eggo waffles.

Game Plan:

1.  Make waffles from scratch or from a mix.

We like the Krusteaz mix and buy it in bulk at Sams to reduce costs.  I usually add in a little bit of vanilla too.

waffles for the freezer

2.  Butter waffles as they come out of the iron.

This is something we do so we don’t have to mess with getting out the butter later but this is a step that can obviously be omitted.

3.  Let waffles cool completely.

make waffles and freeze for later

4.  Store waffles in a freezer bag.

make waffles and freeze for later

5.  Pop waffles in the toaster when ready to eat.

make waffles and freeze for later

Does anyone out there have a waffle recipe they love?  Please share it with the rest of us!

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