Bring the Snow Inside!

Yes, you heard me right!  I know most of the time we kick off our boots and make every unsuccessful attempt to keep the snow outside of our houses, but I say…welcome it in!

If you happen to be like me and detest being cold but hate to be a scrooge and not let your kids go play in the snow, then I have your answer.  Get a large kitchen bowl or a 9×13 pan, scoop in some snow, bring it inside, and let your kiddo play busily in the snow while you get something down around the house for a change!

I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this all along but it has been a lifesaver for both Rylan and I.  He’s like his Daddy and doesn’t seem to notice the drastic temperature change between indoors and outdoors.  Now Rylan can play with snow as much as he wants and I don’t have to get everyone all bundled up everyday.

Don’t worry though, we still go out and play sometimes in the snow, it’s just not an everyday thing.

how to play with snow

tips for playing with snow

What fun things do you do with snow?

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