Tuesday Tip: Send Postcards Instead of Christmas Cards


December seems to be a tight month for everyone and there always seems to be expenses popping up everywhere.  One expense often overlooked is Christmas cards/photos and stamps.  I love getting Christmas cards and photos in the mail and we haven’t missed sending any out since Jeff and I have been married.

One way we saved some money this year on Christmas cards is by making our photos into postcards.  Postage for postcards is only $.29 compared to $.44 that it costs to mail a card.

I just created a 4×6 card in photoshop and then had them printed (for free at Walgreens because of an online code) as 4×6 photos.  Most photo places have holiday borders you can put on a normal 4×6 photo which will save you tons of money, rather than buying the long “holiday” photos.

Then I just put a return address label in the top left corner, drew a vertical line down the middle, put the address of who I was sending it to on the right, bought $.29 stamps at USPS.com, added a message on the left hand side of the line, and lastly added some stickers to make it look festive.

If you don’t know how you can afford to send out Christmas cards this year, this is definitely one of the cheapest ways to go that I know of.

postcards to save money for christmas cards

christmas postcards save money

Have any tips for saving money on Christmas cards?  Any creative ideas for a Christmas photo?

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