Tuesday Tip: Large Ornaments Repurposed


I don’t know about you, but with the addition of two children, we are hemorrhaging ornaments now.  Both of us have all of our childhood ornaments and ever since a couple years of dating, we’ve given each other ornaments every year.

That is, until this year because we just have waaaay too many because we also buy our kids a new one every year.  At some point, I think we’ll have to get each kid their own tree for their room for their own ornaments.

It was sad this year because half of our ornaments didn’t get put up because we just didn’t have room.  I was rummaging through the neglected ones and found a large snowman ornament and it got me to thinking… why not turn this into a snowman decoration instead of an ornament so I can use it.

All it took was unscrewing the little hook from the top of its head and viola!  I now have a new snowman to add to my snowman scenery!

decorate for christmas

BEFORE as an ornament

repurpose large christmas ornaments

AFTER as a decoration

What other uses do you have for unused ornaments?

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