Merry Christmas Garland


Here’s a quick way to add some Christmas cheer to your home.  I did this in one afternoon while watching two boys.  Rylan stamped next to me while I made the letter cards and we both had a lot of fun being creative.  From beginning to end, it probably only took an hour and it cost me $0 because I already had everything on hand!

Merry Christmas garland

  • cardstock
  • stamps/ink
  • markers
  • ribbon
  • hole punch
Game Plan:

1.  Cut card stock into identical rectangles.

You’ll need 14 to spell out “Merry Christmas.”

2.  Stamp the card stock to add some depth and color to the paper garland.

I chose to stamp red polka dots.

DIY Christmas Garland

Provide depth to your garland by stamping the card stock

3.  Using green permanent marker, write a letter on each card to spell out a Christmas message of your choice.

DIY Christmas Garland

4.  Make the edges of the letter cards look distressed by rubbing a brown ink pad along them.

DIY paper christmas garland

5.  Using a hole puncher, punch two holes at the top of each letter card.

DIY Christmas Garland

6.  String a ribbon through all of the cards, making sure to spell your message correctly.

7.  Hang up on a mantle, wall, or doorway!

I tied bows at the end of each ribbon and just used a thumbtack to attach it to the wall.

DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Paper Christmas Garland

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What other inexpensive ideas do you have to make a Christmas garland?

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