DIY Christmas Wreath


So I know some of you are frightened out there when it comes to being crafty, but really, if you know how to glue and twist wire, that can get you a long ways and save you lots of money.  Here’s how I took a simple wreath I got on major clearance last year after Christmas and spruced it up and decked it out for a stunning Christmas wreath!

how to make a christmas wreath

  • floral wire
  • ribbon
  • ornaments
  • lights
  • berries
  • glue gun
Game Plan:

1.  Weave lights in and around the greenery and attach with floral wire every now and then to secure it in place.

Make sure to leave the plug-in part at the bottom or buy battery operated lights and don’t worry about it!

2.  Attach pinecones and berries with a hot glue gun.

My wreath already came with pinecones and berries attached.  I got it for a steal after Christmas last year.

3.  Attach ornaments to the wreath with floral wire.

Don’t forget to cluster some together.

4.  Wrap ribbon in and around the wreath and make a bow for it.  Attach the bow with floral wire.

how to make a christmas wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Here’s a couple more shots of our Christmas decor surrounding our mantle.  I made the garland on the mantle pretty much the same way I did the wreath except I didn’t attach the pinecones but instead just lay them throughout the garland every year.

how to make a christmas wreath

DIY Christmas wreath

Before you leave, check out my snowman scene.

What other creative ideas do you have for Christmas wreaths?

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