Wine Bottle Fall Decor


In celebration of the wine harvest season coming to a close, I thought I would show you how to take a wine bottle you’d normally toss, into something beautiful to decorate your home with this fall.  This post was featured in the Missouri Wine & Board’s Online Publication.

I thought the vase turned out wonderfully and the best part is it cost me nothing! I already had the primer and chalkboard paint on hand and everything else was free.

chalkboard wine bottle vase

  • empty wine bottle
  • paint primer
  • chalkboard paint
  • raffia
  • twigs
  • dried leaves
  • acorns
Game Plan:

1.  Clean wine bottle and remove labeling.

wine bottle vase

2.  Prime wine bottle.  Let dry.

This step is to give the chalkboard paint something to adhere to.

3.  Apply two coats of chalkboard paint to the wine bottle.  Let dry in-between each coat.

wine bottle vase

4.  Wrap raffia around the upper half of the wine bottle.

5.  Glue dried leaves and/acorns to raffia to complete the fall look.

chalkboard wine bottle vase

I dried my leaves between wax paper and underneath a book. Drying time is 1-2 weeks.

wine bottle vase

I hot glued the leaves on first

chalkboard wine bottle vase

I glued acorns on top of the leaf stems to hide the glue ugliness

6.  Place bare twigs into vase.

The branches I used are ones we trimmed off our river birch.  I just pulled all of the leaves off, in addition to the lower branches so I could stick them in the wine bottle.

7.  Write a fall word or message on the wine bottle.

You could also take turns with your family, writing something you’re thankful for on the bottle.  Every day could be a new blessing and then perhaps on Thanksgiving day, each person could write one on the vase so it’s completely full!

8.  Find the perfect spot to show off your new fall decor that was essentially made from what would have been trash!

chalkboard wine bottle vase

chalkboard wine bottle vase

chalkboard wine bottle vase

chalkboard wine bottle vase

chalkboard wine bottle vase

These vases are perfect for your home or any fall party.  They would look great on a mantle, shelf, or as a centerpiece.

Having a fall wedding?  Save yourself some money with these gorgeous vases.  Instead of writing something fallish on the vases, you could write love, romance, kiss, I do, etc.

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What wine do you enjoy in the fall?  What other things do you use wine bottles for?

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