Use Hooks to Hang Measuring Spoons


Wish you had more cabinet space in your kitchen to fit all of your kitchen tools and garb in? Maybe you don’t need more space, but rather take advantage of the space you have and might not be using yet.

Here’s a simple way to use space on the back of a cabinet door that is typically wasted.

  • adhesive hooks
Game Plan:

1.  Attach adhesive hooks to the back of a cabinet door following the instructions on the packaging.

Make sure the hooks will not interfere with your shelving.

2.  Hang up light weight utensils on the hooks.

I found these hooks to work great for holding my measuring spoons.  Now I don’t have to search forever in my utensil drawer for them.  What a time and space saver!

organize kitchen utensils

My messy utensil drawer. It needs some help!

organize measuring spoons

My measuring spoons hanging so neatly on their hooks! Love it!

What other kitchen organizing tips do you have?  Do share!

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