Tuesday Tip: Color Coordinate Presents


Here’s a little tip for you that Jeff and I have been doing for years now.  Just to give your gifts a little more presentation, color coordinate the packages.  It makes for a nice uniformed look that gives a lot of impact.

I wish I had more pictures to show you but I seem to have deleted most of them.  Anytime we give more than one present, we always coordinate the packaging– it makes what’s inside that much better!

I would have to say Jeff is actually better at this than me, but that may be because he goes out and buys new wrapping paper and supplies where I try to work with what we have 🙂  I’m not complaining though because I know most men are doing good to get a present, let alone get it into a gift bag and out of the store sack.  I feel very lucky to have a husband who puts effort and thought into making his gifts look good.  I think I’ll keep him 😉

color coordinate presents

color coordinate packaging

What wrapping tips do you have to share?

2 comments to Tuesday Tip: Color Coordinate Presents

  • Laura

    I like to use the comics section of the newspaper to wrap my gifts. I get the paper each week and save the section with the color cartoons. It’s free since I already get the newspaper and I can save the section each week so I have a bunch of paper ready for the holidays. Green and red bows on each present finish off the Christmas theme.

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