Tuesday Tip: Clean Potatoes in Dishwasher


Are you in charge of making the potatoes for Thanksgiving this year?  Dreading standing at the sink and scrubbing all those spuds for your big family? Save yourself some time and energy by cleaning off your potatoes in the dishwasher.  Yes, you heard me right, the dishwasher.

clean potatoes in dishwasher

Now I don’t recommend using the dishwasher every time you make a potato dish because cleaning a couple of potatoes isn’t a big deal.  However, if you have a big family and got put on potato duty this year, then it most likely is a big deal and using the dishwasher is a way to shave off some prep work time.

Just place your potatoes on the top rack and put on the your dishwasher’s version of the “rinse cycle.”  Obviously skip the soap because nobody wants to eat soapy spuds.  When the cycle is done, give them a quick look over and cut out any growths or give an extra scrub to hard to reach places.  When I used this tip, I found it did a pretty decent job and I just had a few spots I scrubbed a bit harder.

Before I leave you, if you’re just weirded out by this post and think it’s a bit strange and unsanitary here is some food for thought: if it is clean enough to eat off of dishes washed in the dishwasher, it should be clean enough to eat potatoes washed in the dishwasher.  Chew on that for awhile…

What time saving tips do you have for cooking a Thanksgiving meal?

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