Start a Thankful Journal


There’s lots to be thankful for. We are given heaps of blessings every day from our Creator but we are so busy to just make it through the day, we rarely stop to enjoy or take in those blessings.

With Thanksgiving on its way, I thought now was the perfect time to start up a thankful journal.  I’ve been meaning to do it for several years now and have never gotten around to it.

Thankful journals are a great way to learn to appreciate things in life.  In addition, they offer you the opportunity to reflect back on your life further down the road.  I’ve heard from people who have kept a thankful journal, that they are life changing.

I know starting a daily routine like this can be a bit overwhelming, at least it is for me, so my goal for now is to just do it the month of November.  Every night I will jot down a list of at least five things I’m thankful for before I hit the hay.  When December rolls in, I can carry it on if I want to and if not, perhaps I’ll try again in a month or two or maybe next November!

My Thankful List Last Night:

thankfulness journal

I hope you’ll join me in starting a thankful journal this month!  I’d love to hear at the end of the month how it did or did not affect your life.

What are two things you are thankful for so far today?

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