Picture Plaques made from Old Trophy Plaques


Are the glory days a distant memory to you?  Have  a stack of old trophy plaques in a box somewhere because your mother made you finally take them? If so, this is the perfect project for you– that is, if you’re ready to paint over those hard earned pieces of wood!

I had several plaques from 3 on 3 basketball tournaments I had played in ever since I was little.  I was getting tired of looking at them and having them take up space.  Just as I was about to throw them away, this idea popped into my head and I decided to try it before I pitched them.  Boy, am I so glad I did!

I love these picture plaques and it was a great way to add lots of photos to the white photo wall I’m working on right now for almost no money at all because I already had most everything on hand.

  • plaques
  • mod podge
  • scrapbooking paper
  • brush
  • photos
Game Plan:

1.  Paint trophy plaques the color of your choice.

I chose to use a primer and then white trim paint but if I did this project again I think I would just use a couple coats of spray paint for a smoother finish.

diy picture plaque from old trophy

Trophy plaque BEFORE

picture plaque

Half way done painting over my plaques

picture plaque tutorial

2.  Cut scrapbook paper down to the size of the plaque plate.

diy picture plaque wall hanging

Cut paper down to size

3.  Put a thin layer of mod podge onto the plaque and then lay a piece of scrapbook paper in place.  Make sure to rub it down firmly and get all of the bubbles out.  I usually start from the middle and press outward.  Let dry.

picture plaque wall hanging

adhere paper to plaque using Mod Podge

4.  Put a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the back of your photo and then center your photo on the paper, pressing down firmly.

5.  Cover the scrapbooking paper and photo with a thin layer of mod podge if you would like to seal it.

I chose to do this step because that way the plaques are easier to wipe dust off of… you can live dangerously if you like though and keep it unprotected.

picture plaque wall hanging

6.  Find the perfect spot to hang your new picture plaques.

The streaks from the Mod Podge show, but not near as bad as the pictures show.  Part of the reason it shows so bad in the pictures is because our hallway is a bit dark so I had to use a flash.  If you do cover your picture with Mod Podge, you will have streaks, but they’re not super noticeable.

picture plaque wall hanging

how to make a picture plaque out of old trophy plaques

make a picture from old trophy plaque

repurpose old trophy plaques

These plaques are all a part of the white frame collage I’m making on our downstairs stairwell.  Make sure to check back later to see the finished results!

Do you have any other cool projects to do with old trophy plaques?  I’d love to hear them!

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