My Favorite November Posts

1.  Picture Plaques made from Old Trophy Plaques

One of my favorite projects ever because it literally was turning trash (or soon to be trash) into treasure!  Plus I love looking at my family’s darling faces 🙂

make a picture from old trophy plaque

2. Organize Wrapping Paper

How can you not love looking at this organization?  It makes me happy 🙂

how to organize wrapping paper

A much better solution to organizing wrapping paper

3. Built-in Hanging Cabinets

Who doesn’t love new storage space?  I’m loving my new built-in shelves and can’t wait to get them decorated just the way I want.  I love having all my craft supplies in one space finally.

diy desk wall cabinets

4. Rolled Fabric Flower Pin

Again, love the fact that I was able to take material from a slip I cut off of and turn it into something beautiful!

how to make a rolled fabric flower brooch

5. Brady Recommends: Elf on the Shelf

I am soooo excited about starting this tradition with my kids and am hoping you can join us too if you aren’t already doing it!

elf on the shelf review

Other Favorite Posts Lists:






What was your favorite post this month? Which ones did you actually do?

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