DIY Fabric Flower Barrettes


Have a little princess and want some cute barrettes to pull back the bangs from her eyes?  Don’t have a girl?  Me either.  These make great birthday and Christmas gifts though and also look great on adults!

  • felt
  • hot glue gun
  • 1″ to 1.5″ wide strips of fabric (I used an old t-shirt for fabric)
  • barrettes (bag at Hobby Lobby cost me $3.99)
  • scissors

rolled fabric flower tutorial

Game Plan:

1.  Cut fabric into 1″ to 1.5″ wide strips.

I used a t-shirt for my red fabric and then had some extra pink cotton fabric too.  I like the pink flower better because I like the little frayed ends that show and give it kind of a romantic feel.

diy fabric flower barrette

diy fabric flower barrette

Cut fabric into strips

2.  Cut a circle out of felt that is the size you would like your barrette.

diy fabric flower barrette

Cut felt into a circle the size you would like your flower

rolled fabric flower tutorial

3. Tie a knot at one end of your fabric and then glue it to the center of the felt circle using a hot glue gun.

diy fabric flower barrette

4. Begin wrapping your fabric around the center. Roll or twist the fabric as you wrap it around and glue it down every once in awhile.  Continue wrapping until you get to the end of your fabric or cover your entire felt circle.

I glue down my entire outside ring of fabric just to make sure the flower is secure.

diy fabric flower barrette

Twist your fabric as you roll it around the center

5.  Wrap the fabric around to the back and glue a small portion of it, trimming off the excess.

Also make sure to trim off any excess felt that might be sticking out.

diy fabric flower barrette

My excess fabric is glued to the back of my flower on the left side

6.  Glue the barrette to the back of the flower.

diy fabric flower barrette

7. Cut out two small strips of felt and use them as reinforcement by opening up your barrette or clip and gluing them over the bottom part of the barrette to help hold it in place.

diy fabric flower barrette

diy fabric flower barrette

8.  Now it is time to use your barrette to accessorize!

rolled fabric flower tutorial

You could combine three flowers to make one large barrette

rolled fabric flower tutorial

Here is a soft pink one I made. I like it best!

Like I said, these are perfect for females of any age.  I think they would be adorable for flower girls or bridesmaids and they would make great stocking stuffers!

What other ideas do you have for these flowers?

3 comments to DIY Fabric Flower Barrettes

  • Marta

    Allison & I have been making felt rose barrettes w/feather accents–wore one today actually. These look a bit easier though. The ones we make you cut a circle of felt about 5 inches, then cut it into a spiral. you start hot-glueing the edge together/around starting at the outer/pointed end; keep rolling until you get to the round center. Then you add another to fatten it up. It’s cool how it works out. Now you’ll have a girl to make all these pretty things for.

  • The large barrette you made is an eye-catching one. Anyway, thanks for sharing this tutorial. I learned a great deal in making adorable fabric flowers.

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