Decorate Your Front Door


Is your front door in need of a quick makeover? Here’s an idea that can give your house a new look, plus identify your address.

Game Plan:

1.  Now would be a great time to give your door a fresh coat of paint if it needs one.  Try a bold color or stick with what you have.

I had just recently painted over the existing fuchsia when we moved in with a classic black.  Much better!

2.  Add house numbers to your front door using vinyl adhesive like I did the Welcome on our entry door in the garage.  If you’re gutsy or don’t have access to a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutting Machine, just paint them on.

decorate your front door

Cut out your house number using a cutting machine

diy decorate your front door with numbers

Layout your numbers with tape to make sure they are centered

diy decorate your front door with house numbers

Adhere the letters to the door

diy decorate front door with house numbers

The finished look!

diy decorate your front door

I ended up having to take my letters down because they curled on me.  Not sure if it was because I forget to clean the door well before putting them up or if it got too much direct sun.  I’m also not sure if this is a common problem or not either.  I will be painting our house numbers on when I get the time to!

What’s adorning your front door?

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