Cereal Box Puzzle


make a puzzle out of a cereal box

If you didn’t catch my posting on making a “chewable” book using Ziploc bags, you might want to go check it out.  If you did, this is another project I did with my friend Izzy for a FCCLA project in high school and I thought it was worth sharing because it is easy to do and cheap!

Game Plan:

1.  Cut out the front panel of a cereal box.

2.  On the back, draw out a puzzle design.

You can skip this step if you’d rather wing it and just start cutting.  The younger the kid, the bigger the pieces should be.

3.  Cut out the pieces.

4.  For added durability and to make edges not as sharp, laminate pieces and then cut lamination.

make a puzzle out of a cereal box

This is a puzzle appropriate for preschoolers

puzzle made out of cereal box

This puzzle has smaller pieces so it would be better for a school age child

make a puzzle out of a cereal box

You can see how I drew out the pattern on the back before cutting

make a puzzle out of a cereal box

Keep your puzzle in a plastic baggie

Have any other creative ideas for making puzzles?  Do share!

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