Built-in Hanging Cabinets


Awhile back we had some Mennonites build for us a desk.  Usually we do things ourselves, but we were in a bit of a time crunch with Owen on the way and I was needing somewhere to place my plethora of crafting supplies.  We had always planned to build cabinets above the desk and I knew exactly how I wanted them.

However, as most DIY projects, it took us awhile to get to this one…and by awhile I mean a year!  Oh well, well worth the wait and I am so pleased with the outcome and love all the new space I have to organize and decorate!

A big shout out to my hubby who did pretty much all of the work.  I only did some puttying and painting which was pretty much nothing in the grand scheme of things.

diy built-in desk cabinet

Our desk area BEFORE installing the built-in hanging cabinets Jeff made

Game Plan:

1.  Jeff built the cabinets and shelves.

hanging desk cabinets diy

2.  Jeff sanded the cabinets and shelves.

3. We primed and painted the cabinets and shelves.

4.  I painted the wall cerulean blue where the cabinets were going to go to add a pop of color and interest to them.

My husband was very skeptical of this step and would have preferred to leave the wall tan.  I must say I’m happy with my decision and glad he trusted me even though he couldn’t picture it!

built-in hanging cabinets

5.  Jeff hung the cabinets.

built-in overhead cabinets

6.  Jeff cut trim and hung it at the top and sides of the shelves to hide cracks and give it a finished look.

7.  Jeff caulked the cabinets.

8.  I filled the holes with putty and then did a round of touch up paint on everything.

9.  The best part was getting to organize and decorate!

I have several more organizing and decorating ideas for this space, but that’s another day and another project…hopefully I’ll get around to them soon!

diy desk wall cabinets

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