Tuesday Tip: Cut Dryer Sheets in Half to Save Money


Looking for ways to cut back on laundry costs? Using coupons and buying in bulk are always a good way to save on laundry items, but there’s still more you can do to save some money in this area.

how to save money on laundry

Try cutting your dryer sheets in half and see what you think.  If you don’t notice a difference and like the outcome, your dryer sheets will now last you twice as long!

I cut my dryer sheets in half and then simply put them back in the box.  I don’t notice any difference except that the fresh smell isn’t quite as potent.  With a box of 250 sheets, my dryer sheets from Sam’s Club last me over a year!

Have any other tips for saving money on laundry?  I’d love to hear them!

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  • Amanda

    Great idea! My friend and I started a laundry service from our homes a few years ago, and we actually do this now. We found another little tip that we now use on every load; White vinegar. Add 3/4 cup into the rinse cycle and it acts as a natural fabric softner, saves money, is eco-friendly and helps keep your washing machine clean.
    Boston Laundry Care

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