Glow Stick Lantern Jars


Add an eery glow to your pumpkin carving party or Halloween party this year with these glow stick lantern jars.  They’re easy to do and help set a spooky mood!

glow sticks

  • jars
  • glow sticks
  • water
Game Plan:

1.  Fill a glass jar with water.

Cold water will help the glow to last longer whereas warm water will help the glow to be brighter.  You may also choose to leave your jar empty, but the glow will last longer with water in the jar.

2.   Light a glow stick and shake it up.  Pour it into the jar.

glow jars

glow stick jars

3.  Shake the jar to mix it up.

If you chose to leave your jar empty, shake it so the glow coats the inside walls of the jar.

4.  Light your walkway or place throughout your house to welcome your Halloween guests.

The pictures don’t do these jars justice!  They turned out so cool!

glow jars

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