Friday Family Movie Night


Looking for something fun to do with your family but don’t have a lot to spend? Family movie night is one of our favorite things to do together.   We usually have a movie night once a month or every two months.  We started it when Rylan turned 3 and plan on continuing it until all of our kids are out of the house.  We always do it on a Friday night, but obviously you can choose a night that works best for your family!

Game Plan:

1.  Get a movie

We try to make Friday Family Movie Nights a new movie we haven’t seen before and we usually get it at Redbox because it only costs a $1 to rent one.  Sometimes we’ve had to resort to watching a movie we already own.

family traditions

Usually we get our movie from Redbox because it is only $1, but we splurged to get Rio

2. Get dressed in jammies

This includes everyone.

3.  Lay down blankets and pillows

We lay down a couple blankets and each have a pillow to lean up against the coach.  We all sit together on the floor.  It’s just something a little different from the norm to make the evening extra special.

fun family traditions

4. Popcorn for supper

I actually love movie nights because I don’t have to worry about making supper.  We always make popcorn on the stove and melt some butter over top.  It’s not the healthiest supper and doesn’t contain close to all five food groups, but I figure one night a month isn’t something to worry about.

We each have our own bowl and Rylan loves helping by getting them out for us.

fun family traditions

Homemade popcorn is the best!

5. Load up on the candy

You heard me right, candy!  If having popcorn for supper isn’t bad enough, now we are adding a side dish of candy!  Let’s be honest, a movie night just isn’t a proper movie night without some candy.  Here’s your chance to be the kind of parent you always wanted to have when you were growing up.  For one night, throw all the rules out and let your kids chow down on popcorn and candy.

I’ll never forget the first family movie night we had with Rylan.  His eyes grew big as he saw the three boxes of candy and then he sheepishly reached into one as if expecting one of us to stop him.  When we didn’t, he just grinned, plucked it in his mouth and then slowly reached in for more, watching for our reactions.  When we didn’t stop him again, he had this look of amazement on his face and it was like he had won the lottery.  He never said a word, but there was joy written all over his face.

I would never advise you to let your kids eat all the candy they want, but I knew we had gotten something right with letting the rules go for one night when I glanced into those spirited eyes.  Of course, we eventually had to cut him off and spread out the candy eating during the movie, but he didn’t mind.  Of course, make sure to do a thorough teeth brushing before bed on family movie nights!

family traditions

This candy we had leftover from vacation so we didn't have to buy any

6. Get up and dance to the credit music

You may feel silly, but I strongly encourage you to get up and dance with your kids.  It’s a great way to end the evening and showing your kids you can be silly is a precious gift you can give them!

fun family traditions

All my boys enjoying our family movie night

Do you have a similar tradition?  I’d love to know what you do differently.
Have a different fun family tradition?  I’m always looking for new traditions to start.

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  • Becky

    Reminds me of so many fun things we tried to do with our boys. So thrilled to see our sons and their families making lasting memories. You all bless us!!

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