Freezer Cooking: Hot Peppers


Do you like your food spicy? Jeff and I love spicy food, but it is so hard to have fresh hot peppers on hand all the time.  For the past several years though we have been freezing hot peppers my dad grows in his garden.  It saves us so much time and money, making it easy for us to add a little kick to some of our favorite dishes!

Game Plan:

1. Clean hot peppers.

how to freeze hot peppers

2. Pull off stems of hot peppers.

In some hot peppers, the seeds turn brown and so you may want to slice the hot peppers in half and remove the seeds before placing in a bag for freezing.

how to freeze hot peppers

Pull or cut the stems off the hot peppers

3. Place hot peppers in a freezer bag and make sure to label and date the bag.  Also, make sure to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible.

The peppers will stay good in the freezer for 8-12 months.  Frozen peppers still have the same great flavor but they do lose their crispiness.  I use my frozen hot peppers mainly for chili, soups, and mexican dishes to add flavor and heat.

how to freeze hot peppers

Please excuse my misspelling of serrano peppers on the bag. Oops!

Bell peppers and onions can also be frozen to save you time and money!

What kinds of hot peppers do you like and what dishes do you use them for?

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